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21 Months, 24 Days is an engaging memoir of a blue-collar kid turned soldier.  Threatened by the draft in the late sixties, he enlisted in the Army to avoid becoming a grunt, yet ended up one anyway.  He endured a grueling war in Vietnam and returned to a country too angry to care.  While his journey took unexpected turns, his choices got him there, so he did his best to react positively and keep moving forward. Udden delivers his story in a comfortable, friendly style.  He conveys the experiences of basic training, advanced infantry training, and what it was like to live, work, guard, patrol, and fight in the jungle.  The reader will feel the adrenalin rush of a firefight, the thrill of a wild ride dangling below a helicopter, and the humor in celebrating his 21st birthday on a firebase.   
Through his words and personal photographs, you will live through his journey exactly as he experienced it.


"A Great Book.... Every page took me back nearly fifty years where the change from Germany to Vietnam was overwhelming.  From the dregs and agony waiting for orders at the 90th Repo Depot, to incursions across the Cambodian border engaging the 274 NVA Regiment prior to the TET 1968, Richard stirred memories that have been stored deep in my brain for decades.  Every step Richard took throughout his book brought back the year I spent fighting a deceptive and in many ways a lethal enemy.  Richard seemed to key on the emotions of each event worthy of description, and he did it in a terrific manner.  So yes, I thought the book was terrific, and I read every page interrupted only by memories popping out at me.  Great book written by a true soldier in service to his country."


"The details of Army life, both in training and then in the jungles of Vietnam is incredible.  More importantly, his honest and straightforward portrayal of his thoughts and inner feelings is what makes the book stand out.


"I partially judge autobiographies based on how much soul a writer is willing to bare.  In this respect, Udden scores high."