Richard's new book, Snapshots From The Vietnam War is now available on AMAZON.COM!
Richard udden: vietnam veteran, author




Richard's books, 21 Months, 24 Days and Snapshots from the Vietnam War are available from AMAZON.COM. 

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richard udden


He grew up in the sixties when the Vietnam War was in full swing.  An innocent choice led him to the war where he served as a combat infantry soldier.  

Once home again, he used the GI Bill to go to college.  He then had a long career in the process control industry. 

Richard is married with two grown children and three grand children. He recently retired and lives with his wife Teresa in Marshfield, MA .

Writing roots

Just before retiring, he began to write, quite accidentally, by deciding to add captions to the pictures he brought back with him from Vietnam.  That effort morphed into his first book, 21 Months, 24 Days, a memoir about his journey to the Vietnam War.


Early on, he was not aware that he had a writing style until his son Jeremy told him he did.  He describes it as an honest conversation across the kitchen table.

Marshfield veterans history project

In 2015, Richard described what it was like to journey to the Vietnam War and back as a member of the US Army Infantry.   See a 10 minute excerpt from his interview.