Richard's new book, Snapshots From The Vietnam War will be available soon!


First Lady, UN Ambassador, and Writer Eleanor Roosevelt said, “We all create the person we become by our choices as we go through life.” Richard will show how right she was, even when a choice leads to unintended consequences, in his talk, The Choices We Make

Fifty years ago, after starting a career as a machinist, he made an innocent choice that landed him in the Vietnam War as a combat infantry soldier. It changed his life forever. As he shares his story and snapshots from Vietnam, he will explain how an innocent choice can become an informed choice. And when a choice leads to the unexpected, he will describe how to stay calm and carry on.   

Richard's presentation may be a great fit for your organization.   Here is what Chris Woods, Director of the Ventress Memorial Library in Marshfield , MA said about his presentation:

“(His) presentation last night was excellent. So moving! I know all in the audience were touched by it. What a moving first-hand account of the sacrifices war imposes! But what stands out most is the character, coping and camaraderie of this soldier with his fellow troop members, and how he came to grips with the experience through positive thinking and actions. Truly inspiring!!”

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